no qualifications for income

During this COVID-19 pandemic, the Love Center Food Pantry has waived all income qualifications in order to receive food. Anyone who has been adversely affected by this crisis can come in for assistance regardless of their income. The warehouse is full and volunteers are ready to serve those with a need for food.

notice to our love center clients

Due to the high number of sicknesses that are currently being contracted in our area, the Love Center Food Pantry will be changing the way food is distributed. Beginning on Friday, March 13, 2020 the Love Center will not be operating as a "Choice Pantry" (clients choosing their food items). Instead, clients will be signing in from their vehicles and receiving food without entering the building. Volunteers will meet you in the parking lot to direct this process. This will help prevent the spread of any sickness by protecting clients from face to face contact and also protecting the Love Center volunteers.

Thank you for understanding. As soon as possible we will return to the normal procedures. Notices will be on the Facebook page and in the newspapers. The hours of operation remain the same: Monday 1-5pm, Wednesday 1-4:30pm and Friday 1-4:30pm.